Characters I

  Name Type(s) Team(s) Source Notes
IceGreat Team Member (GTM)  ExplorersDC 
 Icemaiden  Ice PlaneteersDC  
Iceman GTM Defenders Marvel  
Icon Super Person  Justice League WakandaMilestone  
 Ika Magic  Challengers of the UnknownMarvel  
Ikaris Eternal, Super Person  Star Masters  
Ilyana Rasputin
(Magik - Child) 
Child, Magic Power Pack DC  
 Illyana Rasputin (Magik - Adult) Magic Shadowpact Marvel 
Ilyana Rasputin (Darkchylde) Magic, Semi-Cosmic  DC  
 Immortal "Man" Immortal, Leader  Leadership CouncilDC  
Impulse Speedster, Youth  Young JusticeDC  
 Impulse Telekinetic, Youth Generation Next New Men 
 Indiana Jones   League of Extraordinary GentlemenMovie  
Infectious Lass Medical, Unique  Team MedicineDC  
 Investigator Topaz Law Enforcement, Telepath  Justice MachineLit: Deathstalker  
Invisible Woman  Fantastic Force Marvel  
 IQ Cyborg, Smarty Bionic Sixteen Bionic Six 
 Iris  Illusion Birds of PreyXanth  
 Iron Robot Metal Men DC 
Ironfist (Daniel Rand)Fighter Heroes for Hire Marvel  
 Ironhorse Brick  PlanetaryAstro City  
Iron Munro Brick, Youth  Infinity, Inc.DC  
 Isis (Shazam family) Magic  PantheonDC 
 It the Living Colossus Brick Planeteers Marvel 
 Ivory DarkFighter, Leader SWAT TeamDC: Hero  
Ivy (Pamela Isly) Elemental, Redeemed Team MedicineDC  
 Ivy (Xanth) Unique  PlanetaryLit: Xanth  

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