Characters J

  Name Type(s) Team(s) Source Notes
Jack of HeartsSemi-cosmic  Legion of SuperheroesMarvel  
Jack O'Lantern Magic  Justice League UK  
Jade Rat Fighter  Heroes for HireCrossgen  
Jakeem Thunder Magic, Youth  DC  
 Jakita WagnerBrick Planetary Wildstorm 
 Jason Blood Magic  Secret SixteenDC  
 Jasper De Mobry Magic, Telepath  Another Day, Another DungeonLit: Another Day, Another Dungeon  
 Jayna   WondertwinsMust be with the rest of the Wondertwins
Jean Grey Semi-Cosmic, Super Psychic X-Men
 Jen Yu  Fighter  Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonWhich one is she? 
 Jennifer Kale Magic Defenders Marvel 
Jennifer MorganMagic  Another Day, Another DungeonDC: Warlord  
 Jenny (Mr. Hero) Normal, Pure of Heart Quest, Inc.Comic: Mr. Hero Must be placed with Mr. Hero 
Jenny Swensen (Spitfire)Brick, Powesuit, Smarty  Freak ForceNew Universe Turns back and forth in Armored form
Jesse Quick Speedster  Birds of PreyDC  
 Jet Flyer Justice Society DC 
 Jetboy League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Wildcards  
 Jimmy Olsen Journalist  DC  
 Jimmy Woo Espionage Checkmate Marvel 
Jocasta Robot  Birds of PreyMarvel  
Fighter, Killer, Unique  Suicide SquadMarvel: Nth Man
 John Lynch Espionage, Fighter, Leader Checkmate Gen13 
 Johny QuestYouth Quest, Inc. Johny Quest  
 Johny Hex Fighter, Killer  Suicide SquadDC  
Johny QuickSpeedster  Challengers of the UnknownDC  
Johny Thunder Magic 
 Jonathon Kent Normal  DC 
 Jor-El Smarty, Super Person Team Science DC 
Joseph (Magneto Clone)  Fantastic ForceMarvel  
Jubilee Youth  Generation NextMarvel  
 Judy Robinson 
Starfleet: Jupiter II Lost In Space  
Juggernaut IBrick, Redeemed  RebelsMarvel  
Juggernaut II Brick, Youth  ExplorersMarvel  
 Julia Fighter, Leader  Another Day, Another DungeonLit: Blue Moon Rising  
 Julie PowerFlyer, Child Power Pack Marvel  
Julius Furst  Furst Family Astro City  
 June Robbins Skilled Normal Challengers of the Unknown DC 
 June Robinson Medical Starfleet: Jupiter II Lost in Space  

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