Characters O

 Name Type(s) Team(s) Source Notes
 Oberon Normal, Support Staff  DC 
 Obi Wan KenobiFighter  Legion of Substitute HeroesStar Wars  
 Obsidian (Todd Rice) Unique Infinity, Inc. DC 
 Odin Godling, Leader, Semi-Cosmic  Marvel 
 OdoLaw Enforcement, Shape Changer  Starfleet: DS9 Star Trek: DS9 
 Old Soldier Fighter, Immortal, Leader Legion of Substitute Heroes Astro City 
 OMAC Fighter, Killer Swat Team DC 
 Ookla Fighter  DC 
 Optimus Prime Leader, Pure of Heart, Robot Leadership Council Transformers 
 Oracle (Barbara Gordon) Fighter, Leader, Smarty Birds of Prey DC 
 Orko Magic Freak Force Masters of the Universe 
 Orion Godling, Super Person  DC 
 Ort Fighter Another Day, Another Dungeon Hero 
 Owen Deathstalker Fighter, Pure of Heart, Semi-Cosmic Leadership Council Deathstalker 
 Owlwoman   DC: Global Guardians 
 Ozymandius Vehicle  Deathstalker 

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