Characters E

  EctokidMagic, Youth Planetary Marvel Change from Strange, Inc.
  Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr Dayton)  Doom Patrol DC 
  Electric Warrior Iron Will, Pure of Heart, Robot, Unique Team Training DC 
 Elijah Snow LeaderPlanetary  
 Elita 1 Robot Rebels Transformers 
 Elzy Fighter Wildpack Futureforce 
 Emma Bishop Detective, Unique Planetary Crossgen 
  Emery Schaub Invulnerable, Youth Generation Next Marvel 
 Empress Figher, Magic Strange, Inc. DC 
  Enchantress (June Moone)Magic  Justice MachineDC  
Enchantress (Marvel) Magic  Marvel  
  Engywook and Urgl Medical, Smarty Strange, Inc.Lit: Neverending Story  
Eradicator Redeemed, Super Person  SWAT TeamDC  
Eternal Warrior (Giliad) Fighter, Killer
 Strange, Inc.  
 Eternity Smith Fighter, Flyer, Leader, Unique Rebels Independent 
Executioner  Brick, FighterSuicide SquadMarvel  
 ExodusRedeemed, Super Psychic Guardians of the GalaxyMarvel  

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