Characters F

 Fabian StankowitzSupport StaffAvengers
Fade  WildPack Milestone 
  FairchildBrick, Youth  Generation Next  
Falcon FlyerFamily of the Bat
 Falkor the LuckdragonUnique Power Pack Lit: Neverending Story  
Fandral   Another Day, Another DungeonMarvel  
 Fastback (Timmy Joe Terrapin)Speedster Zoo Crew DC  
 Father Thwaite Magic, Medical  Another Day, Another DungeonLit: Another Day, Another Dungeon  
  Ferro Lad Brick Metal Men DC 
 Fiddler's GreenUnique  Team MedicineDC  
 Finlay Campbell Fighter, Killer
Suicide Squad Lit: Deathstalker  
 Fire   ExplorersDC  Should be with Ice
 FirearmFighter  Planetary  
Firehawk Flyer  Birds of PreyDC  
 Firestorm (Elemental)Elemental  DC  
Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein)  Unique Justice LeagueDC  
 Flame Elemental Justice Society Project Superpowers 
  FlamingoYouth  Generation Next  
Flash (Jay Garrick)  SpeedsterJustice Society DC 
  Flash (Barry Allen) SpeedsterJustice League DC 
  Flash (Wally West) SpeedsterTitans DC 
 Floronic ManElemental,Redeemed
Flying Fox Magic  Family of the BatDC  
 Flynn Journalist  JournalistLit: Deathstalker  
 Forager I Fighter  Challengers of the UnknownDC  
 Forager II Fighter  Forever PeopleDC  
 Forgotten One Eternal Planetary Marvel 
  Franklin Richards Super PsychicFantastic Force, Power Pack Marvel 
  Fred  Mystery, Inc. Scooby Doo 
  From the Vortex Super Person Team Science  
 Fuji Brick Mutant Ninja Turtles Wildstorm 
 Fury I Fighter, Brick, Unique Rebels DC 
  Fury II BrickStrange, Inc. DC 

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