Characters H

 HajiYouth Quest, Inc. Johny Quest  
 Hal VehicleStarfleet: Hal
Lit: 2001  
 Halo Flyer, Youth
Outsiders DC  
Hannibal King Strange, Inc.Marvel 
 Harbinger Semi-Cosmic Infinity Watch DC 
  Hard CaseBrick  Legion of Substitute Heroes  
 Hardware Powersuit, Smarty Steelworks Milestone 
 HaroldSmarty, Youth Power PackDC  
 Harry Kim Starfleet: Voyager
TV: Voyager  
 Harvey BullockLaw Enforcement  DC 
Havok  StarjammersMarvel 
HawkgirlFlyerJustice LeagueDC 
HawkmanFlyerJustice SocietyDC 
 Haywire Unique Titans Marvel 
HayateFighter, Pure of Heart, Support Staff, YouthPower PackAnime 
 Heap Elemental Mutant Ninja Turtles New Men 
 Hector PantheonMarvel 
 HerSemi-Cosmic ExplorersMarvel 
 HerbieRobot Power PackMarvel 
 HermioneMagic, Youth  Generation NextLit: Harry Potter 
 Hero ZeroYouth Young Justice
 High EvolutionarySemi-Cosmic, Medical, Smarty  Infinity WatchMarvel 
 High WarlockMagic Legion of Substitute HeroesLit: Blue Moon Rising 
HighfatherLeader, Pure of Heart, Semi-Cosmic Leadership CouncilDC 
 HimonSmarty Advisory CouncilDC 
HippolytaFighter, Immortal, Leader  Leadership CouncilDC 
HogunFighter  Another Day, Another DungeonMarvel 
 HoodLeader RebelsDC 
 Horridus  Freak Force Freak Force 
Hourman I (Rex Tyler)BrickJustice SocietyDC 
Hourman II (Rick Tyler)FighterInfinity, Inc.DC  
Hourman III (Matthew Tyler)Robot, Semi-Cosmic Advisory CouncilDC 
Power PackDC 
Hulk (Professor)LeaderPantheonMarvel 
 Human Target (Christopher Chance)Espionage Secret SixteenDC 
Human Torch I (Jim Hammond)Flyer Marvel 
Human Torch II (Johny Storm)FlyerFantastic ForceMarvel 
 HyperionSuper PersonSquadron SupremeMarvel  

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