Characters G

 GaeaGodling Planeteers Multiple 
  Gadj  Spanner DC Must be with Spanner
 GalactusCosmic, Redeemed  Marvel  
 Gammora Fighter Infinity Watch Marvel  
  Darkstar: GangbusterFighter  Family of the BatDC  
 Ganthet Cosmic  Leadership CouncilDC  
 GargoyleFlyer, Unique
  Garni  Another Day, Another DungeonLit: Another Day, Another Dungeon  
  GaspodAnimal  Another Day, Another DungeonLit: Discworld  
 GatewayTeleporter  GeomancersMarvel  
 General Glory   Team FunnyDC  
 Gentle Youth Generation Next Marvel 
 Geo-Force Brick, LeaderOutsiders DC 
  Geoff Geomancer Geomancers  
  GI Robot Robot, Soldier Swat Team DC 
  Gleek Animal  DCMust be with Wondertwins 
 GlorySuper Person  Pantheon  
 Gloss Elemental Planetary DC 
Goblyn Child Power Pack Marvel  
Godiva   Justice League UKDC  
 Gold Robot Metal Men DC 
  Golden Ace Brick, Semi-retired Legion of Substitute Heroes Wildcards 
 Goldstar Magnetic Metal Men  
 Gorilla Man Fighter Heroes for Hire Marvel 
  Gorobei (Entertainer) Entertainer Outsiders Anime: Samurai 7 
  Grandmother Robot/Trainer Power Pack Rai and the Futureforce Mainbrain of Japan
  Great Turtle  Family of the Bat Wildcards Switch to Spider Family
  Greatest American HeroSuper Person/Trainer  Generation NextTV  
  Green HornetFighter  Investigators Must be w/Kato 
 Green Lama Elemental Geomancers Project Superpowers 
 Green Lantern (Aa) Green Lantern  DC 
 Green Lantern (Alan Scott)Green Lantern, Semi-Cosmic Justice Society DC  
 Green Lantern (Abin Sur)Green Lantern  Star MastersDC  
  Green Lantern (Arisia)Green Lantern  Guardians of the Galaxy DC 
 Green Lantern (Brik) Green Lantern Outsiders DC 
  Green Lantern (Ch'p) Green LanternZoo Crew DC 
 Green Lantern (G'nort)Green Lantern  Team FunnyDC  
  Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) Green Lantern SWAT Team DC 
  Green Lantern (Jade) Green Lantern, Semi-CosmicExplorers DC 
  Green Lantern (John Stewart) Green Lantern Justice League DC 
  Green Lantern (Katma Tui)Green Lantern  Birds of PreyDC  
Green Lantern(Kilowog) Brick, Green Lantern, Smarty, Trainer  Team TrainingDC  
  Green Lantern (Medphyll)Green Lantern  PlaneteersDC  
 Green Lantern (Mogo) Cosmic, Green Lantern, Pure of Heart  Advisory CouncilDC  
  Green Lantern (Rond Vidar)Green Lantern, Smarty Legion of Super HeroesDC  
  Green Lantern (Salaak)Green Lantern  Justice MachineDC  
  Green Lantern/Ion (Kyle Raynor) Green Lantern, Semi-Cosmic Infinity Watch DC 
  GrimmaxFighter  Fantastic Force  
GroundhogLaw Enforcement Alpha Flight
  Grundy the Golem  Another Day, Another Dungeon Lit: Xanth 
 Guardian (Jim Harper) Fighter New Warriors DC 
Leader Alpha Flight
 Guardian of ForeverCosmic, Time  Advisory Council TV: TOS 
  Guinan   TV: TNG 
 Guru Pathik Medical, Trainer Geomancers Avatar 
 Gwen StacyFriend/Family, Normal Spider Family
  Gypsy Espionage, Youth Birds of Prey DC 

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