About the images on this site

I'm not a visual artist, and I certainly didn't create any of the graphics on this site.  Instead, I pulled them from various sites that offer work in the public domain.

If you believe any of the images I'm using aren't in the public domain, please let me know (my contact information is here).

In a few places on this site I have embedded images that aren't in the public domain (here, for example).  In these cases the creators gave permission for their images to be embedded, and made the necessary links available.  Clicking on those images will take you to the original work.

You can visit my resources page for a list of the public domain sites I frequent.

On a more lighthearted note, the images scattered around the site aren't just randomly assigned.  I tried to find images that had some connection to the content of each page.  So if you're bored you can try to figure out the connections between a page and the picture posted there.