Friday, December 25

posted Dec 25, 2009, 4:28 AM by Jeremy Poehnert   [ updated Dec 25, 2009, 1:57 PM ]
Merry Christmas!

I'm not really doing much for the holiday, other than listen to some holiday music.  But it seems like a good time to be reflective and thoughtful.

I got my final paper back for my Reflective Practice class.  The faculty member gave me some thoughtful feedback, which I appreciated.  My grades still are posted for either of my classes.  CCT emphasizes learning more than grades, but I am still waiting to see them!

My mom is in Arizona.  She works at an Ace Hardware, and she said it was packed with last minute shoppers yesterday, with people begging to get in even as they were closing.

Melissa is going to CT with Tullio to visit her family, which should be nice.

I have a list of to-do items...I think I'll do the laundry.  I did the kitchen yesterday.  The kitchen and the laundry are the two things that I like to do just to make the space feel "workable."

A little current events update.  The Senate passed the healthcare bill today.  It now goes to conference to resolve differences with the bill the house passed.  The Senate bill apparently creates a system very similar to the system in place in Massachusetts.  I've had a good experience with the MA plan, but who knows what will come out of all the wrestling at the federal level.  Health care reform might just end up meaning everyone gets five free band-aids every year.

Along those lines, following recent current events has made me more aware of my own values.  Maybe it's being in CCT, which promotes thoughtful discourse, but so much of the political discussion is simplistic, shrill and misleading.  That applies to both liberal and conservative advocates.  The debate becomes exaggerated and inflamed, as people focus on what makes their case and ignore any other perspectives.  I was listening to a podcast I always used to enjoy, but I had to turn it off because he was offering such a biased point of view.

I know that's part of the system; people fight to win, and accuracy takes a back seat, but it's unfortunate...