Monday, January 4, 2010

posted Jan 3, 2010, 11:32 PM by Jeremy Poehnert   [ updated Jan 3, 2010, 11:54 PM ]
Well, transitioning from vacation to work will definitely require some adjustment.

Not because I don't like my job; I'm actually really looking forward to going to the office!  Instead, it's the routine.

When I'm working/going to school, I like to go to bed early and get up early.

When I'm on vacation I tend to sleep in and get up late.  So the transition between the two is tricky.  Right now it's 2:30, and I'm planning to go to work this morning, but I'm still up!

But if I'm tired at the end of the day that will be good; I'll go to bed early, and hopefully start getting back into the work/school routine.

I have gotten a lot done tonight and this morning, so that's good.  I caught up on some reflection/creativity/etc. that I got behind on after New Years.  If I'm going to be up late, it's good to feel like I'm using the time well.

I also explored some more computing in the "cloud," as it's called.  I think that was a valuable use of my time, and supports various goals I have.  I signed up for free access to the New York Times, which is good for staying informed.  I signed up to use brizzly, a website, to track Twitter, which is good for news and staying connected to people.

The trick with technology is to figure out what I'll use and what I won't.  It's easy to sign up for lots and lots of things, but finding things that are really useful, and taking advantage of them requires intentionality.

Actually, as I write this, I'm getting an idea.  For the new year I saw a lot of websites posting lists of their favorite/most used technology.  Maybe I should do that.  It could be interesting to share with people, but more importantly, it would help me focus on what I'm actually using.  Here's a draft list off the top of my head:

cnet - once every two weeks or so, but great for finding new technology
deviantArt - daily - almost daily
Dropbox - once every two weeks or so, but a great utility
Facebook - daily 
Gmail - daily
Google Sites, Google Apps and Google Analytics (All of which contribute to this site) - daily
Google Voice - daily 
ITunes - daily 
Open Office - weekly (almost daily when classes are running)
Pandora - almost daily
SurveyMonkey - for work; a great utility - daily
wizehive - daily
YouTube - weekly

There are also some specific sites I visit to find public domain images, but the list above seems like a pretty good list of the sites I visit most often for "general" purposes.  I should write something up about them...