Thursday October 28, 2010

posted Oct 28, 2010, 1:33 AM by Jeremy Poehnert   [ updated Oct 28, 2010, 1:47 AM ]
This is my first entry in five months!  After an extended hiatus I'm trying to get back into my creative/reflective cycle.  It's a struggle to change my habits, but I'll keep trying!

So a quick update.  I started a new job on September 1 - yay!  I can't believe it's already been two months.

I'm also taking two graduate classes, Reflective Practice and Action Research.  I'm trying to use both to reflect on my recent life experiences, and think about what I should focus on moving forward.

I've had a hard time refocusing my energy, as I transition from the stress and anxiety of this past summer to what feels like a new stage in my life.  But I'm lucky to have supportive relationships at work and to be in the CCT program, which is a great encouragement.

I'm still in a financial hole from being unemployed, but I'm slowwwwly making some progress.  I started using this website called to track my finances, which is really helpful.

This week is the first time I've really felt open to reflection and creativity in a while, which is a nice feeling.  Now I need to focus on really making it an integral part of my life.

I've actually made that a focus of my two classes this semester.  I picked projects that I thought would push me to be more reflective, to really become a reflective practitioner.  I want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by CCT to develop skills and attitudes I'll really apply to my life.

What else?  I just turned 35!  Woo!  In general it was nice and low key.  Melissa took me to Old Sturbridge Village, which was awesome.  It was their harvest weekend, so they focused on how people historically harvested and preserved food for the winter.  They had to store different vegetable in different ways, depending on their specific characteristics.  Apples in barrels, potatoes in bins, beans would be dried, carrots stored in sand, gourds under the bed (you can't let them freeze).  We also got to see Harvey the ox make cider.  It was the first fun outing I had done in a while, and it was great.

There you go...a very quick recap of recent events.  My intention is to start doing regular entries again, and capturing more of the day-to-day flavor of my life, but this is a nice re-start.