Wednesday, January 6, 2010

posted Jan 6, 2010, 6:45 PM by Jeremy Poehnert   [ updated Jan 6, 2010, 6:57 PM ]
Getting back into work after two weeks off is a bit tiring.  Even though I like my job, and find most of my projects interesting, it takes some effort to get back into the work mode.

This week we had a meeting to review the upcoming semester for all the VISTA projects.  I'm excited about what we're working on, but also a little stressed.  I feel a lot of pressure to have things go well, and nervous about juggling school and work. 

This week I'm working on the VISTA reporting.  We used Survey Monkey, on my suggestion, and it seems to have worked well.  At first I thought Survey Monkey would make it really easy, then it seemed like it was going to be harder than I expected.  But then I went over it again today and it seemed like it should be pretty straight forward.  I should be able to gather and compile the vast majority of the information by Friday.  I think there are just one or two categories/questions that will take more time.

I just started using this new site called Joe's Goals, which is great!  It let's you track daily goals, like doing these entries, doing morning pages, exercise, etc.  It's simple and effective, which is the ideal combination.  If it works as well as it seems, it will be really helpful.  I've struggled to find a good way to help keep track of basic, day-to-day tasks.  It would be nice if this works.

The site has several fun elements; it keeps track of how many days you've met a goal in a row, and adds up how many checks you get per day.  Both are simple, but it is very satisfying to be able to check things off and add them up.  I was actually tempted not to do this entry today, but I wanted to be able to check it off!

And, of course, once I start working on this stuff I enjoy it!  It just helps to have a little extra motivation...