Wednesday, November 11 2009

posted Nov 11, 2009, 12:31 AM by Jeremy Poehnert   [ updated Nov 11, 2009, 12:54 AM ]
This has been an eventful week for CCT stuff.  We had our CCT Forum event on Monday night, then last night we had student presentations in Philosophy and finished our bios in Creative Thinking.

All of the above made me appreciate the CCT community.  At the forum one Alum (Jane), who is a storyteller, did an awesome job telling us a story from her life, weaving together mythology, family and personal struggles.  A current student (Aimee) sang a song with her father.  Both were great, and it led into an interesting dialogue about creativity in families.

The presentations in Philosophy and Creative Thinking have been fun.  In Philosophy folks have been exploring different subjects from the semester; this week it was abortion and morals/ethics around organ donation, both very heavy subjects.  It's good to have the opportunity to practice analyzing challenging subjects in a way that reinforces our classwork while also creating a safe space for discussion.

The Creative Thinking presentations have been fun, and it's interesting to see what inspires everyone.  Some have been serious, some lighthearted, and they've featured family members, authors, chefs, explorers and musicians.  Here's a list:

L. Frank Baum
Sir Ernest Shackleton
A father
A grandfather
Tolstoy (combined with a Reggae artists!)
Alf (from TV)
A friend
Mother Nature
Buckminster Fuller (Architect and all around creative person)
Alice Waters (a progressive chef)
Federico Fellini ( a movie director)
Frida Kahlo (the artist)
Edwin Abbott Abbott, the author of a fascinating book called Flatland

It was really interesting to see how folks caught the essence of their subjects...