DreamHaven Castle Characters

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For a general overview of the characters, visit the DreamHaven Castle Character List.

Character Sketches

  1. Alex "Ax" - Bodyguard, Captain of Davis's Private Guard
  2. Amber - the young Baroness, Davis's wife
  3. Asa - Main Goblin character, surrogate father to Davis, Alchemist and physician, married to Falc
  4. Beatrice - Davis's mother, the previous Baroness, now dead
  5. Charles - Davis's head steward
  6. Clarity - Artist, and Oliver's granddaughter
  7. Darlon - Dwarf, chief law enforcement officer
  8. Davis Trent - the chief protagonist, the Young Baron
  9. Ebony - White tiger, Davis's pet and confidant
  10. Elders - Leadership council of the Elves
  11. Elisabeth - Davis's sister and the main antagonist
  12. Falc - Human diviner, married to Zilf, surrogate mother to Davis
  13. Gavin - CoCaptain of the Flying Column
  14. Graydon - Emperor of the human country, sometimes rival, sometimes ally of the DH project
  15. Hannah - General of Davis's forces, best friend
  16. Lisham - Half Elf Mage Professor, Davis's mentor
  17. Loran - Davis's father, The Baron
  18. Oliver - Chief human diplomat/liaison to DHC
  19. Peter - Truman's grandfather and inspiration; once famous, then maverick historian
  20. Phinn - The Bard, who first "discovered" Gryphon Castle, and reported it to Davis
  21. Shard - Main Orc character, CoCaptain of the Flying Column
  22. Truman - Historian and narrator
  23. William "Willy" - Sound mage, Davis's magical collaborator
  24. Wyatt - Lone "native" resident of Gryphon Castle
  25. Yara - Mysterious matron of Gryphon Castle

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