DreamHaven Castle Character List

This list provides a brief overview of the primary characters in DHC.

Name is the characters name; these often change as I struggle with what to call them, and most of them lack last names!

Brief Description is general information about their role in the story (often through their relationship with Davis, the main protagonist).

Role is the character's job and/or official role in the DHC world.

Race indicates which of the 7 main races the character is a member of.

Alignment is where the character fall in terms of the DHC project; for, against, neutral or other.

Age is how old the character is.

Biography Done indicates whether I've posted the character's biography yet.
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NameBrief DescriptionRoleRaceGenderAlignmentAgeBiography Done
NameBrief DescriptionRoleRaceGenderAlignmentAgeBiography Done
Adam Represents human soldier-class Co-Captain of DHC Flying Column Human Male Pro-DHC   
Alex "Ax" Davis's most loyal supporter Bodyguard, Captain of the Baron's Private Guard Human Female Pro-DHC   
Amber Shows window into Davis's life Baroness - Davis's (young) wife Goblin Female Pro-DHC   
Andrea Davis's best friend General Human Female Pro-DHC   
Arthur Political rival/ally Emperor Human Male Neutral   
Beatrice Davis's mother Baronnes Human Female Other   
Calvin Offers historical view of Davis's family Head Steward Human Female Pro-DHC   
Darlon Primary Dwarf character Chief law enforcement officer Dwarf Male Pro-DHC   
David Davis's father and foil The Baron Human Male Other   
Davis Protagonist Young Baron - Light Mage Human Male Pro-DHC   
Ebony Davis's pet/friend Confidant/Bodyguard Other Female Pro-DHC   
Elisabeth Antagonist Davis's sister/Main rival Human Female Anti-DHC   
Falc Davis's surrogate parent, Goblins wife Diviner/Sage Human Female Anti-DHC   
John Only native resident of the DHC Guide, assistant Human Male Pro-DHC   
Lishan Davis's mentor - Half Elf Professor Other Female Anti-DHC   
Michael Primary narrator, protagonist Historian Human Male Pro-DHC   
Peter Alan's grandfather and inspiration Historian Human Male Other   
Shard Main Orc character Co-Captain of DHC Flying Column Orc Female Pro-DHC   
William "Willy" Provides a more lighthearted window into magic Sound Mage - Davis's magical collaborator Human Male Pro-DHC   
Zilf Main Goblin character - surrogate father for Davis, married to Falc Alchemist/Physician Goblin Male Pro-DHC   
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