Elisabeth is the main "villian" of the first novel.  She represents all of the human resistance to the merge, and the dark politics and extremism.  She acts throughout the story to try and sabotage dh through politics, and in the end kidnaps Isha and Corsana to blackmail Davis.  Originally I had the idea of kidnapping Truman and Isha, but I have a better scene in mind for Corsana.

Elisabeth is Davis's only sibling, his youngest sister.  They actually went through a period where there relationship was close, but grew apart as Davis went to college and became more liberal and Elisabeth stayed home and became more conservative.  There relationship broke after their parents were killed.  Elisabeth accepted whole heartedly that the elves did it, even though Davis saw clear signs of a setup...

This, combined with the coming war, leads to the break between Davis and Elisabeth.  They had always informally imagined that when the Baron died, he would leave the baronny to Davis, as the oldest child, and a male, but that Davis, with no interest in ruling a baronny, would give it to Elisabeth to rule, who would then sponsor him in living the life of a mage and scholar.  They came up with the plan as children, and it always lingered in the back of their minds.

But then the Barron was murdered, and war was on the horizon.  Elisabeth was willing to believe it was done by the elves, and lead a new offensive against them.  Davis saw that the elves weren't involved, and the real threat was the invaders.  So he took command of the Barrony, betraying their long-standing childhood plan, and acting as the final break in their relationship.  Elisabeth left rather than serve under him, and became involved with a group of human fundamentalists.  Out of widely accepted necessity, they are marginalized during the war, as any sane person clearly sees that none of the races will survive alone.

But, after the war, there is a resurgence of fundamentalism.  Many want to believe humans were the deciding factor in the war, and fear loss of human status.  So the fundamentalists begin to build more support, and Elisabeth emerges as one of their most effective leaders.  

She leads the efforts to sabotage DH, first politically, then getting dirtier and dirtier as Davis acts to confound them.  It climaxes with Elisabeth arranging for the kidnapping, demanding that Davis force all nonhumans out of dh (effectively ending the truce and the project) for their safety.  

Davis won't sacrifice DH, but plays on her weakness; her unfullfilled desire to rule their home barrony.  He offers her control of that, rather than ending DH, for the hostage's release.  She is caught by surprise, but can't resist the offer, desperate to reclaim their family heritage.  So she turns on the fundamentalists to get the baronny, and frees the hostages, which sets the scene for the second novel.

Despite her disruption to their plan, she remains big in fundamentalist circles; first, she states that he would have let them die, rather than sacrifice dh, and then they would have lost the conflict and made him a blood enemy with nothing to show for it.  This way they get the wealth and resources of the barrony, and a headquarters for future efforts.

Role:  Sister, opponent, old school intolerance

Story Activities:  Throughout the story, Elisabeth is working behind the scenes to sabotage the dh process, first politically, but getting more and more underhanded, more and more violent.  In the end she leads the kidnapping.  She thinks of herself as honorable, and only  doing all of it to "save" humanity, and as a righteous way to avenge her murdered parents.  But she becomes more and more tarnished.

I'm thinking that one reasont they'll get away with the kidnapping is that though Isha and Elisabeth hate each other (natural rivals), Alex would never have imaged Elisabeth sinking so low, betraying her family honor, and is thus taken by complete surprise.

Character Type: Complex
Motivation:  Disbelief; Oppose; Feeling; Hinder
Evaluation:  Accurate
Purpose:  Chaos