Gavin is a soldier's soldier, the perpetual squad leader, at his best leading a group of men (then a co-ed group, then a crossspecies group) in the daily duties of a soldiers life; patrol, training, squirmishes, war and maintaining order.

He is not convinced of Davis's vision, that it is possible or ideal, but trusts Davis as a leader and feels that Davis deserves loyalty and respect for bringing them out of the war. 

During the war he is one of the most succesful squad leaders, and one of the first to see Davis talent, and sway the army to support him.  After the war he is in charge of the Roamers, the squad that routinely patrols Dreamhaven valley roads and settlements.  He is a natural leader and an extremely skilled fighter.

Albern's unresolved family issue is his own nobility.  Born to a low to mid level noble family, Gavin is the oldest son, and should have taken over eventually.  While a great warrior and group leader, he is a terrible noble, with no knack for governance.  Unlike others, he realized his shortcoming, and followed his interest in the army, leaving his younger brother in charge of their lands.  His younger brother is corrupt and ambitious, seeking to leech money and wealth off of the war.  While Gavin has a sense that his brother is sleazy, he doesn't know how sleazy.  Because Gavin is a threat to his brother's control of their family estate, he secretly seeks to have Gavin killed after he survives the war, freeing him up to scheme and manipulate.

Gavin doesn't like his brother, and feels isolated and a sense of failure for leaving his birthright, but wants to believe that his brother will honor the family, and do better than he ever could.  His family issues are a similarity that quietly helps he and Davis connect.

Gavin is very simple and straightforward.  He carries few strong biases, feeling uncomfortable with other races, more out of uncertainty than hostility.  He likes the idea of everyone cooperating, but isn't sure how that will happen.  Having seen many women act as great warriors during the war, his is an extreme advocate for their respect and status in his squadron.

He is short and wide, built powerfully.  Unattractive, with a body and face worn out from years of combat.  5'1 or so.

Role:  Human warrior, squad leader
Story Activities:  In leading his squad, he will act as peacekeeper and eyes in the valley.  He will also be on the frontline of one of the trickiest areas of cooperation; getting the militaries of the perspective nations to trus each other and collaborate.  Albern is mired in the day to day realities of the blue collar issues of integrating the different races.