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The Gryphons of Dreamhaven are unique in the world.  Gryphons in general are rare, only a few thousand.  Several hundred alone live in dh valley, with 200 alone living at the castle.  The gryphons of the castle have nests along the castle walls in special nests built into the walls, and spend the days circling the castle and hunting the valley.  They act as symbols, guardians and mascots for the castle, with quirky personalities and strange but generally benevelont ways.  They generally ignore people, occasionally swooping in for a look at something that catches their attention, but they generally take a benevelont disinterest in the residents of the castle, unless their protection is required.

Like bela, they will show unusual intelligence, and while they clearly aren't sentient, they do have their own sophisticated intelligence, and a general understanding of what's going on.  They will occasionally take surprising actions that solve problems and take special actions.

Eventually, I picture a special role for the Goblins, as one shows a special talent for working with the Gryphons (they have different responses to different people).  This will lead to the development first of mail and delivery service, using the gryphons, and eventually a riding service.

Physically, gryphons range from 800 to 1600 pounds, huge.  While having the traditional feature of being a cross between lions and eagles, their specific blend vaires by individual.  Some more lion than eagle, some vice verca.  

The one that romances bela will be small by gryphon standards (800-900), and is more toward the lionesque end; 4 lion legs, eagle head and wings, lion tale.  The one that mates with Bela slowly courts her.

As a species they are active one and off during the day and night, but normally sleep 18 hours a day, waking up for brief periods to hunt, groom, cruise, but are mostly quite mellow.
Role:  Magic, support
Story Activities:  Mostly the gryphon's sleep, but they defend the castle as necessary, and have a sensitivity to subtle/magical threats, acting to defend the castle as necessary.  They offer a sense of the magic of the place, representing the mystery and unknown, and part of the uniqueness of the place.

They will also have a unique comic/lighthearted sense, having little adventures/interactions with various dh residents, challenging, helping, annoying, and entertaining folks in various ways, and in their own way defending and supporting the place.  They will have a special attraction to and with the children, who will appreciate and bond with them.
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