Chapter 2, Part 3

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Truman's bunk was in the wagon of an older Goblin woman, she said "Call me Granny.  There're lots of grandmothers in the Caravan, but I'm the oldest, so I get dibs.  And I'm not afraid to claim my age; I'm turning 100 next week!"  At this she gave a bright smile.  Despite a few missing teeth and a bit of a stoop, she radiated enthusiasm.

"Thank you so much for you hospitality."  Truman bowed deeply to her.  Elders were deeply respected in Goblin culture, and staying with one of the caravan's oldest members was a great honor.
"I would be honored to assist you in any way possible during our journey."
She laughed again; "Well, you certainly are a courteous one!  Since you offered, you can help me carry these supplies over to Asa and Falc."  She pointed to a pile near the front of her wagon.

Truman ended up carrying a cauldron, made heavier by a number of herbs inside it.  But Granny was doing her share, and had her arms full of a large cloth bundle.

"Those two only use the best supplies, and I'm their main source."  She said this with a clear touch of pride.

As they approached the Healer's wagon a strong scent caught Truman's attention.

"Hmm...smells like ginger and a little cinnamon; probably making a poultice for young Jaft; he sprained his leg yesterday."  She laughed "The fool jumped off the top of his wagon on a dare.  It's amazing the young ever grow to be old..."

Laurine was waiting for them at the front of the wagon, speaking with someone just out of sight.  

As they got closer Laurine and two others were examing the contents of a pot.