Tuesday, December 29 - Three Dreams in One Night!

posted Dec 29, 2009, 7:35 PM by Jeremy Poehnert   [ updated Dec 29, 2009, 8:33 PM ]
So last night I had three dreams that I remember!  They were each pretty well plotted, and very different.  I'll do summaries of each here.

Dream 1:

This was a comic one, and a very unusual kind for me.  It's tone reminded me of the Woody Allen movie Bananas.

In a small, underveloped, very rural country, an ex-pat American ("played" by Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap)  has settled into a friendly and laid back relationship with a local seaside community (it "felt" like a South American country).  He lives on a boat and has a very low-stress lifestyle.  A friend of his ("played" by Dean Stockwell, also of Quantum Leap) visits, and almost by accident they get involved helping the locals build a clinic.

Then there is some sort of political turmoil in the country, and the funding for the clinic is cutoff.  They come up with a plan for getting funding for the clinic by pretending to build a country estate for the new president of the country.  But because of political issues between the country and the US, the two Americans can't be seen helping with the project, which leads to them visiting the site in a series of comic costumes.

At one point they make a deal with a former president of the country, who is in a sort of unofficial exile in the countryside, who helps them in exchange for something (I'm not sure what).

It was funny, and had a different feel than my normal dreams; the setting was much more tropical (that's not the right word, but I'm blanking on it) than my normal dreams.  It also evoked images similar to what I imagine when I hear the Jimmy Buffet song "Cowboy in the Junge."

Dream 2:

This is a very "niche" dream.  It sounds very weird, but it had a concrete tone to it, and it wasn't especially surreal.  It was very comic book like - not surprising, since it was about a comic book superhero.  This is also unusual for me.  While I used to be a comic book reader, and they still have a certain attraction for me, I don't remember ever dreaming about a superhero before...

A superhero named Captain Marvel (from DC comics - the Billy Batson version) has to go to a "pocket dimension" for some reason.  When he got there it was set up like a small, worn out deserted city (it looked like run-down areas of Fitchburg, MA) inhabited by a small group (less then a dozen) of "toy-people."  They were toy people because inside they had the feel of complex children's toys.  But on the outside they had all sorts of looks; there was one that looked like "real" man, one that looked was a cartoony, mule-like creature, a flying one, etc.  It turned out that they are all powered by a special fluid (it was white and creamy, and ran through them in clear tubes) that also had an addictive quality for them.  The whole group was oppressed and tyrannized by the smallest one of them (really small - her true self was a weird plastic head only a few inches high - it was clearly a she, I don't know why).  This dictator plays mind games to them, steals their fluid and is cruel to all.  The story is Captain Marvel trying to capture her.  She's not powerful enough to confront him directly, so she does all sorts of tricky and manipulative things, hurting the other toys along the way (but they're toys, so they can fix themselves, and don't really feel pain).

At some point Captain Marvel comes across another race of "toy people" (they look like military/soldier toys and arrive in a military helicopter), who have been sent by someone else to study the situation.  The implication is that the whole things was set up as a kind of cruel experiment.

Dream 3:

The dreams got progressively darker, and this was the darkest.  It wasn't quite a nightmare; I felt nervous, not scared when I woke up, but the tone and plot had a lot of horror elements.

The two main characters are "toy-like" monsters; they were giant (15+ feet tall), moved on four legs, and looked cobbled together with elements of stuffed animals and legos (it doesn't sound good, but they were cute!).  It takes place in a world similar to the real world, but apparently the world has a species of these created monsters, which serve all sorts of purposes.  These two are special and powerful, but also very mellow; they are actually the mascots for a small neighborhood store, and are beloved by all.  The store is in a kind of run-down semi-industrial city area, but everyone if very friendly and tight knit.

The two nice monsters (one is bulky and looks kind of like a buffalo, one is sleek and looks kind of like a Chinese dragon) are on the way to perform at a fair when they are attacked by a super powerful monster which is huge and horrible and scary; a real monster.  It was created by a really really bad character (maybe the worst I've ever dreamed of) to destroy all nice monsters; I don't know why.

The story is the two nice monsters running from the big nasty monster and it's creator.  The monster is an unstoppable threat, but the creator quickly becomes the true villain.  He is cruel an nasty and kills several people during the pursuit for no reason.  He has a looming, dark prescence that is much scarier than the monster...the part of the dream that made me nervous was this feeling that he was in the room with me while I was sleeping...

The chase climaxes in an industrial warehouse behind the shop where the two nice monsters live, and they manage to get the bad monster and creator to fall into a very deep industrial trash compactor/incinerator.

The whole thing was much more violent then my normal dreams.  Nothing graphic, but a sense that people were actually getting hurt and killed.  The horror aspect came up in the end, because at some point after they get rid of him, the creator comes back for revenge.  There's a spooky scene where he comes back out of the compactor...

That being said, the story also had a lot of really fun, nice, even magical components.  The two nice monsters were really nice and sweet, and had a great friendship.  They were really close to their human "family" and their neighborhood was run down but everyone was very friendly.  There were also funny elements; at one point they travel through a graveyard and meet a nice talking raven and three nice singing female zombies.  One of the darkest scenes is the villain chasing them and "killing" the zombies in an offhand, completely unnecessary way.  But they were zombies, so we'll assume they were fine. 

This dream did have a theme I've often explored, and started when I was a kid.  I always had this idea that my toys could come alive and fight monsters.  Whenever I thought of some sort of scary beast/monster I would imagine my toys coming alive to defeat it.  This also tended to make things funny rather than scary, because my toys aren't tanks and stuff; they're stuffed animals and cute figurines, and they would often defeat the monsters in toy-like ways; there's something about watching a giant teddy bear hugging a monster into submission that makes the whole thing comical...maybe what monsters really need is more hugs.