Please note: Some of these comics deal with mature themes (PG-13 or so in movie terms). I'll try to mark them as appropriate.

Editorial Comics

 Title Author Links/Resources My Thoughts
 Jen SorensonJen Sorenson  
 Ted Rall Ted Rall  
 Tom Toles Tom Toles  
 U.S. News Editorial comics from U.S. News.  

Graphic Novels

 Title         Author Links/Resources My Thoughts
 Alpha Flag   
 Bully's Bully   
 Freak Angels   
 Gunnerkrigg Court   
 Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether   
 Minor Acts of Heroism   
 Monster Soup   
 My Sister the Freak   
 Red's Planet   
 The Specialists   
 Strong Female Protagonist   

Newspaper Comics

 Title      Author Links/Resources My Thoughts
 Arlo and Janis   
 Big Top   
 Bloom County   
 Calvin and Hobbes   
 F Minus   
 For Better or Worse   
 Foxtrot Classics   
 Heart of the City   
 Ink Pen   
 The New Yorker  A daily comic from the New Yorker. 
 The Norm   
 On a Claire Day   
 Prickly City   
 Red and Rover   
 Rose is Rose   
 Stone Soup   
 Tank McNamara   
 Watch Your Head   

Web Comics

Comics that exist primarily on-line, rather than the traditional comic strips seen in newspapers.

Bug Comic

Edmund Finney's Quest to find the Meaning of Life

Incidental Comics

This comic is brilliant, ranging from funny to silly to deeply insightful.

The K Chronicles

The Oatmeal

Not really a favorite; I often find it not particularly appealing. But occasionally I find a strip really funny or insightful.


Sequential Art

Tom the Dancing Bug

Sometimes political, sometimes witty, sometimes odd. Sometimes I find the strips deeply insightful about human nature.

Too Much Coffee Man

A surreal comic, only loosely tethered to reality. Sometimes I find the strips deeply insightful about life.


You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack