About The Creative and Critical Thinking Program

The Creative and Critical Thinking (CCT) program is a rare gem in the world of higher education, an academic program that takes a truly comprehensive approach to education.

I had been toying with the idea of attending graduate school for years, but I always ended up putting it off.  Then I lost my job, and decided to finally make graduate school a priority.  I went to a CCT event to learn more about the program and was instantly hooked.

One of the qualities that makes CCT special is the transferable skills the program provides.  The content and philosophy of CCT applies equally to personal, professional and societal issues, allowing students to apply the lessons learned in the program to almost any situation.

Here are links to more information about the program:
The CCT website - http://www.cct.umb.edu/homepage.html

A list of CCT courses - http://www.cct.umb.edu/courses.html

CCT uses Ning to have it's own online social network, which is a fun way to get a sense for the CCT network.          
Unfortunately, I think only members are actually be able to see it.

CCT Forum at the student life page -

CCT Talkshoe - recordings of CCT discussions events -