Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology was one of those subtly powerful classes, where the full impact of the learning sneaks up on you.  Each week we would have a reading, do a written response (focusing on weekly principles), and discuss them in class.  We also had a number of papers due throughout the semester.  No single assignment or reading was life changing, but over the length the semester I developed a much deeper appreciation, and a little bit of insight, into how the human mind works.  

The class was also one of the best designed and organized classes I've ever taken.  The textbook and readings were really interesting and engaging, the weekly principles were an interesting way for us to process what we were learning, and the papers were both educational and fun.

I have tremendous respect and appreciation for Dr. Carol Smith, the professor who led the course.

Assignments - I think I'm still missing one or two of the weekly principles (there should be 10 of them), but most of my work for the class is posted.