Dialogue was my first CCT course, and was, without a doubt, a truly life changing experience.  CCT offers two versions of the course.  I took the in-person, winter session version (the other is on-line).  Dialogue is both simple and complex.  The basic principles are, well, basic!  But actually applying them is both difficult and incredibly powerful.

I took the course at a time when I was struggling with some very difficult personal issues, and class was a tremendously positive, uplifting experience, giving me encouragement and hope that I really needed.

At the same time, this is not just a "touchy-feely" course.  The theories behind dialogue are concrete, legitimate and very applicable.  I regularly use what we learned in class in my current work setting.

The course was taught by Allyn Bradford, who was incredibly skilled at creating an environment that engaged us in meaningful and powerful learning and reflection.

Assignments - My collected assignments from the course.  One of the assignments (a "Personal Experiment") was way too personal to share, so it's not posted.

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