Reflective Practice - Fall 2009

My written work from Reflective Practice, Fall 2009, is here:

I'm not sure how to describe my experience with this class  in a concise way.  Our final assignment for the course was a "Plan for Practice," which is posted in the assigment sections above.  I spend a good portion of the 10 pages of that trying to describe what I got out of the class!

Maybe the easiest way to describe Reflective Practice (RP) is to say that I think it is a life changing class and everyone should have to take it!  The class model was very simple.  We attended four CCT community events and wrote up reflections about them.  We also participated in an email discussion list and met one additional time.  We ended the semester by writing a Plan for Practice, about our experience in the course and setting goals for how to incorporate reflection into our lives.

It was that simple.  No flashy projects, no song and dance.  But for me it was a very powerful and meaningful experience.  The class pushed me to commit time to regular reflection, forced me to think about reflection as an important part of my life.  That emphasis, combined with my recent life experiences, pushed me to be more thoughtful, to really explore my life and my experiences.  

Again, I know that sounds simple, but in my experience most of us, despite our best intentions, don't make time for real reflection.  I know that's certainly true for me, and for most of the undergraduate college students I worked with.  This course was a simple way to make sure I followed through on my good intentions.

I'm hoping to take the course again during the next two semesters (I'm not sure I can afford it).  It's an one credit course, and if I take it three semesters it would qualify as an elective.  Even independent of that, I think it would enrich any semester, by making sure I reflect on what I'm learning and experiencing.  Like I mentioned above, I feel like we should probably all take the course in perpetuity, as a way to make space for regular reflective practice.