Reflective Practice Spring 2010

Pre-Class Reflection

I'm trying not to get too excited about this course.  I took it last semester (you can take it up to three times) and I lOVED it.  But I know it will be different this semester (every class is), so I don't want to go into it with too many assumptions.

I'm actually really curious to see how the class works this semester.  The course is new, and they've changed it every semester that it's offered. 

Jeremy, who teaches the course, is great, and is the perfect fit for a reflective course.  He creates a thoughtful, open atmosphere that encourages students to listen, think and open up.

The basic concept of the course is deceptively simple; we need to invest time and energy into reflection, and learn how to incorporate it into our lives.  That sounds easy, but it's not, and most of life pushes us not to reflect.  Last semester this course really helped me begin moving towards becoming more reflective (it was one of the major influences in the development of this website), and I'm hoping that taking this course for the next two semester will continue to help me move in the right direction.