Castles and Such

I love castles and castle-like buildings, and they feature in many of my story ideas.  Here are some useful castle-related sites:

I'm always looking for locations that match those I imagine in my stories.  St. Michael's Mount comes closer than anything else I've seen to how I imagine the DHC castle and island.  This website doesn't actually have the best pictures, but I'll post it here as a general reference.  Maybe some day I'll be able to visit!

This site has some great information, including pictures of dozens of different castles!  Click here to go straight to the galleries.

Another useful general resource with lots of pictures of specific castles (you can find those here).

That's right, if you have $3,000,000 you can have your own custom castle built!  I'm fascinated by the idea.  The site is pretty simple, but the process is interesting, and they have a few pictures of finished structures.